Siemens Mobility growing fast in Žilina and soon to be moving to new space in Obchodná

Siemens Mobility’s engineering center employs more than 500 specialists in railway signaling and electrification. This year it is expanding and plans to create 150 new jobs.


Zelené Vlčince launches third stage of construction, adding 74 new residential units

Žilina developer Reinoo is continuing construction of Zelené (Green) Vlčince, its largest residential project to date. When construction is completed, Žilina will have an excellent layout of apartments for family living with spaciously large balconies and underground parking.


Reinoo offers refugees fleeing Ukraine space for large-capacity registration at no charge

Žilina’s Reinoo company has offered space for constructing a high-capacity registration center for Ukrainian refugees. Two options have been proposed for Žilina and the Ministry of Interior free of charge.


Milan Dubec Foundation pledges €30,000 for Žilina projects

The foundation has announced #krajsievmeste, a grant program that will be providing €30,000 to support successful projects in Žilina.


Mládežnícka School pupils in Púchov enjoying a new sports facility provided with assistance from Žilina developer Reinoo

The Mládežnícka School’s sports field was reconstructed this past summer. Thanks also go to the City of Púchov, whose cooperation with Rubicon Púchov, a.s., a member of the Reinoo development group from Žilina, led to the successful revitalization of the facility.


Reinoo seeks to build 750 new parking spaces for Vlčince residents

The lack of parking spaces has been a long-term problem at Vlčince. If they were built according to today’s standards, there would be more than 6,000 spots needed to accommodate the current number of apartments. Reinoo is constructing a parking garage for people employed at its office buildings and wants to let Vlčince residents use it outside of working hours for a nominal fee. It is also proposing to the city the construction of a parking garage close enough for people in up to 2,000 residential units to be able to walk to it within five minutes.


Inscribed tables placed along with trees in Zelené Vlčince

The trees have spoken. A few nice sentences have been placed alongside new trees that have been planted at Zelené (Green) Vlčince. We at Reinoo are doing great things and we also like to get into the nitty gritty, too. Planting of greenery and trees plays a major role in our developments. Over 120 trees have been planted by us at Zelené Vlčince and we are planting more...


Cornerstone laid for construction of the Obchodná office building in Žilina

Ground was broken for the new Obchodná office building in Žilina on Wednesday, 25th August. The developer for this project is Reinoo, a company owned by businessman Milan Dubec. The eight-story building will have more than 13,000 square meters of leasable space and more than 500 parking spaces in an underground and an above-ground garage. Construction should be completed in the second quarter of 2023 at a cost of 18 million euros.


New post office for Žilina at Poštová. After many years, postal services are returning to the street named after the post office that used to be there

Slovenská pošta will soon be the new tenant at the Poštová 1 Business Center in Vlčince, one of the buildings in the portfolio of Milan Dubec’s development company, Reinoo.


Construction launched of Pod Zábrehom II in Púchov

Žilina developer Reinoo a.s. has begun construction of Pod Zábrehom II, a new residential project. Landscaping has started on where three apartment buildings with 129 new apartments will soon spring up.


First phase of Zelené Vlčince in Žilina approved for occupancy

Zelené Vlčince I, a residential project in Žilina, has successfully passed an official inspection on schedule and is ready for people that have purchased units to move in. Soon all of them will be handed over to their new owners. The new residential units stand on Pražská Street in Žilina.


Rainbow flags flown at Poštová to fight homophobia

On the occasion of today’s International Day against Homophobia, Biphobia and Transphobia, rainbow flags were raised in front of the Poštová 1 Business Center to support the rights of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) people. The center is located in the Vlčince neighborhood of Žilina.


Retro residential project in Žilina’s center receives go-ahead for occupancy

An occupancy permit was issued to Reinoo in mid-April of this year for Retro, whose apartments are almost all sold out. The units offered by Retro are on five floors and are composed of one, two and four-room apartments.


Rubicon Púchov approved for occupancy

On 1 April 2021, Reinoo successfully obtained final occupancy authorization for Rubicon C, whose 44 units spread over eight floors have already been sold out.


Zelené Vlčince will be green

Tall sycamore trees 12 meters high will be planted this spring at the new residential complex in Vlčince.


Milan Dubec: Free testing available at the Poštová Atrium to help the people of Žilina

Over the weekend, the Poštová 1 Business Center will become a collection point for the sixth time during nationwide testing.


Construction of the second phase of Zelené Vlčince launched, with units already for sale

Zelené Vlčince has entered Phase 2! This with construction having started on two more apartment buildings. They will supply an additional 148 new one and four-room residential units facing Dubeň and the reservoir. Apartments are already for sale.


Poštová named Building of the Year! And in two categories, too

At the nationwide 2019 Building of the Year competition, the Poštová 1 Business Center in Žilina won awards in two categories, for exceptional construction quality and for application of science and research in design and construction.


Bank of Žilina building to be lit green until Sunday

The Bank of Žilina was shrouded in green during yesterday’s St. Patrick’s Day celebration, and will remain green until Sunday midnight as a symbol of friendship with Ireland.


Poštová 1 awarded LEED GOLD v4

The newly-established Poštová 1 business zone in Žilina has been designed and is being constructed with the environment in mind, using highest standard, state-of-the-art technologies. In October, Poštová 1 was certified LEED GOLD v4.


RETRO brings new units to the center of Žilina

Developer Reinoo is bringing new residential units to the center of Žilina. RETRO is a residential project situated near the city’s historic district. New owners seeking to live right in the heart of a major city will be able to choose out of a total 54 units.


Construction of Zelené Vlčince starts!

After months of preparation, Reinoo’s development project is moving to the next stage. The company is currently breaking ground and officially starting up the Zelené Vlčince project.


Reinoo completes Poštová office building in Žilina

Reinoo finished construction of its new five-story building at Poštová 1 at the beginning of this year and has received final approval. The new business zone being developed along the street is now receiving its first 11,000 square meters of office space. The Poštová zone spreads into the wider city center, next to the Vlčince neighborhood and is surrounded by greenery.


Construction permit issued for Zelené Vlčince, with more than 40% of units pre-sold

The final construction permit has been issued to developer Reinoo, authorizing the breaking of ground for the Zelené Vlčince residence. The permit was granted by the City of Žilina Building Authority. Reinoo is building two residential units in the northeastern section of the Vlčince neighborhood, with 140 new apartments and 192 parking spaces. Since November, when pre-selling was launched, almost 40% of the units planned to be built have been either sold or reserved.


The Rubicon Púchov residential project has a new website

Rubicon has launched its new website! Starting today, anyone looking for a new home can view the entire construction project and details about it.


Hollého 6 – representative offices in the center of Žilina

Reinoo has broken ground on the construction of the Hollého 6 office building in the center of Žilina. Hollého 6 is being built on the site of a structure that had become so dilapidated that it had to be torn down. When completed, more than 1,900 square meters of leasable space will be ready for occupancy along with 41 parking spaces.


How architecture protecting the environment is created in Žilina

Living and working in harmony with nature is very important. It has an impact on both our daily performance and overall work-life balance. With this in mind, developers are trying to bring environmentally friendly green solutions to our residences and offices, while meeting our growing demands and standards.


Zelené Vlčince launches pre-sale of residential units in Žilina

Reinoo is building its largest residential project yet in Žilina. Zelené (Green) Vlčince is growing in the Vlčince neighborhood of the city, with 140 new residential units and 200 parking spaces within walking distance of a reservoir and the Žilina Forest Park.