Je ľahké postaviť budovu, kde sa ľuďom bude žiť dobre. Ale je ťažšie postaviť takú, kde sa im bude žiť dobre aj o 20 rokov.

Chceme ísť príkladom

Na Poštovej ulici v Žiline sme postavili prvú administratívnu budovu v súlade s certifikátom LEED GOLD V4 (Leadership in Energy and Enviromental Design) v regióne. Navyše získala aj dve ocenenia v prestížnej súťaži Stavba Roka.

Žiť v meste aj s mestom

Prísť poobede domov, zavrieť sa a do rána nevychádzať? Žiadna sláva. Radšej vytvárame miesta, ktoré vás budú lákať von. Ktoré majú veľa kvalitnej zelene, pekné verejné priestory a premyslenú záhradnú architektúru. Aby ste vo svojej štvrti nielen bývali, ale aj žili.

Priama linka k životu

Pekné miesta sú zbytočné, ak sa do nich neviete dostať. Záleží nám na dobrom napojení do centra mesta a funkčnosti mestskej infraštruktúry.

Domy, kde sú všetci doma

Cítime sa zodpovední za mestá, štvrte a komunity, v ktorých staviame. Naše projekty smerujeme tak, aby boli všetci vítaní a všetci sa cítili bezpečne.

Zaparkovať bez dvadsiatich kolečiek okolo domu

Vytvárame dostatok parkovacích miest, aby ste mohli pohodlne odstaviť svoje auto, ale zároveň ostalo dosť bezpečného priestoru pre chodcov, bicykle či kolobežky.


Aj developer môže chrániť životné prostredie. Takto to robíme my.

Buildings in compliance with energy standards

Our designs and the results of our projects always meet energy standards prescribed by the European Community. In complying with them, we endeavor for our projects to maintain adequate energy performance and efficiency. Every one of our projects takes strict energy saving requirements into account while analyzing environmental impact.

Draining wells

These are an environmental technology that captures rainwater. Water collected does not drain into the sewer system or away from the site to unnecessarily burden sewage pipes and outflows. Because water remains at the site, it neither dries up nor drains away, but instead fulfills its natural ecological function, for example in irrigating green areas. Water naturally soaks into the soil or can be subsequently used for different purposes such as for trees or in “rain gardens” and ponds.

Planting greenery and enhancing ecosystems

The fundamental element in any natural green environment is the greenery itself. That is why we prioritize responsible and systematic planting of trees and greenery, revitalizing both parks and accompanying elements such as walkways and benches to create a pleasant environment. Combining these factors plays an important role in creating quality living space. The results have been impressive, with the foliage promoting a healthy ecosystem and more welcoming environment, even in larger town centers. Watching greenery is also soothing, brings balance and provides relief for the eyes and soul.

Using cutting-edge, environmentally friendly technologies

Many technologies that were only thoughts in the past are now reality. The new technologies our projects use include elevators with energy recovery systems, tiles and surface materials that prevent overheating, smart air conditioning filtering fresh air and interior “lakes” that moisturize the air. We also think about infrastructure and transport, both for current needs and future demands, while encouraging the use of healthy transport with on site bicycle stations as we construct charging stations for electric vehicles.

Rain gardens

Rain gardens are a technology that has the same intent and follow a similar principle as the technology of drainage wells. A rain garden is a depression designed to collect rainwater from paved or hardened structures such as roofs, sidewalks and parking areas. The captured water is naturally absorbed into the ground and is not unnecessarily drained away. A properly designed rain garden slows the drainage of water from the environment, letting it more likely soak into the soil. Rain gardens also have a degree of self-regulation to avoid creating the conditions for unwanted stagnant water to emerge.

Electric vehicle charging stations

Access to transport and parking is something we take seriously because this aspect deserves to be a truly longer-term view of the future. However, even the construction of an adequate number of parking spaces does not mean the end of it for us. We also recognize that electric cars and alternative transport on our roads are rapidly growing. So Reinoo is introducing recharging facilities for electric cars to our projects and parking areas. We are no stranger to micro-mobility alternatives, where increased interest in electric scooters or bicycles to move around is visible.

Green roofs

Height is not a barrier for us in our increased ecological initiatives. Green roofs are seen by us as having a purpose and we are implementing them with greenery and vegetation that additionally needs no maintenance. The vegetation layer acts favorably to create a microclimate around the building to make up for any built-up foliage and very effectively protects the unit from temperature fluctuations during the day, making living more comfortable while lowering heating costs.

Solar panels

Some of our projects also include solar panels that capture solar radiation and convert it into electricity. In this way, we are striving to use as much energy as possible from renewable sources.