Banka - Žilina


Legionárska 1, 01001 Žilina


1632 m²

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Banka Žilina (Bank of Žilina) is a historical building that was originally erected in 1912. It was fully reconstructed in 2015 to transform its interior into modern office space, while preserving the exterior’s and common areas´ historical spirit. Banka Žilina is an extraordinary building both architecturally and in terms of its location in the historic city center and current commercial use, which includes parking.

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About the project

The building on Legionárska 1 used to be the Žilina branch of the Austro-Hungarian Commercial Bank. It was built in the Neoclassic style in 1912 as designed by Jozef Hubert, one of Hungary’s most prominent architects and a native of Bratislava working in Budapest. It served as the head office of different banking institutions throughout the 20th century. Together with other nearby buildings, it creates a special atmosphere in the neighborhood where Wiener Secession, Neo-Classicism and Functional come together. The historical building was conceived to be a distinctive three-floor solitaire with a rectangular ground plan with E-shaped floors.

It has a full basement, high cylindrical roof, central entrance, façade on each side and a green area. The entire, monumental building is architecturally well-fitted with numerous artistically-crafted examples of stucco, stone elements, wrought railings and framed doors and windows. It enhances the symmetric, tectonically divided composition with the main entrance in the center of the buttressed front, an elevated ground floor, access stairway and a highly set back and pre-dimensioned top floor above the upper floor.

  • downtown
  • own parking
  • historical charm
  • upscale restaurant
  • co-working center
  • space for short-term lease
1632 m²

leasable space


parking spaces



Project location


Matúš Buček


+421 908 868 858


Legionárska 1, 010 01, Žilina