Bank of Žilina building to be lit green until Sunday


The Bank of Žilina was shrouded in green during yesterday’s St. Patrick’s Day celebration, and will remain green until Sunday midnight as a symbol of friendship with Ireland.

Illuminating the façade of the city center’s Bank of Žilina building in green is also how Reinoo, a.s. is supporting an international initiative called “Global Greening”, which helps make countless major monuments and buildings around the world shine in green light each year on March 17.

Global Greening was launched in 2009 and has been growing in popularity. Enveloping buildings in green is considered a symbol of friendship between Ireland and the country where the building is located.

The facades of famous buildings around the world that have been proudly shimmered in green since the initiative was established include ancient Petra in Jordan, the Empire State Building in New York, Prague’s Petřín Hill, the Leaning Tower of Pisa, the Egyptian Pyramids and the Sydney Opera House.

Prominent rooms inside the Bank of Žilina are used for educational conferences, motivational evenings and other social events. Ireland’s ambassador to the Slovakia was supposed to visit the Bank building to lend her support, but because of the extraordinary measures put in place across the Slovak Republic, Reinoo a.s. took action to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 virus and cancelled the visit.

“We believe that by lighting the Bank building, we will bring hope and a positive experience to the people of Žilina,” added Milan Dubec, chief executive officer of Reinoo, a.s., while reminding everyone to do the right thing as recommended by medical experts and, if they did, the crisis would soon pass.