Construction of Zelené Vlčince starts!


After months of preparation, Reinoo’s development project is moving to the next stage. The company is currently breaking ground and officially starting up the Zelené Vlčince project.

It is building two residential buildings in the northeast Vlčince neighborhood, with 138 new apartments and 192 parking spaces. There is a brand new sales point for the Zelené Vlčince project at Poštová 1, Vlčince for clients to become familiar in a pleasant environment with all project details.

Implementation has been progressing according to plan, with completion scheduled for the end of 2020. The first owners should be able to move by early 2021. Currently, more than 50% of the residential units have already been sold. The project offers units from one to four rooms ranging between 29 and 126 square meters alongside luxurious five-room PENTHOUSE PREMIUM units with spacious terraces. Prices including cellar storage areas start at € 61,900. The most expensive PENTHOUSE PREMIUM is € 343,900, while the average residential unit price is € 1,650 per square meter.

“We are very excited about starting construction after months of preparation. We have put our hearts into this residential project and I believe that future residents will appreciate the quality and the environmental solutions it offers,” Reinoo Project Manager Roman Petro explains. “We know that construction will bring some discomfort for the residents living in the surrounding apartment buildings and we are making efforts to minimize it, of course. For everyone, improved surroundings and lots of greenery will be the ultimate reward.”

Construction-related traffic restrictions should not affect either the internal block buildings or residents at all. There will be partial restrictions only for traffic leaving the construction site on Obežná outside the site, which will be properly marked with traffic signs.

When construction of these residential units is completed, there will be family living with an excellent layout of apartments with above-standard large balconies and underground parking. Much emphasis is being placed on incorporating ecological solutions and greenery in developing the project. A park with fully grown trees and a playground for children will be built around the apartment buildings, while the roofs will be green and have vegetation. Installed rainwater draining systems put water back into the soil instead of diverting it into the sewer system.

All blocks will be eight stories high, with the top floor set back. New residents of Zelené Vlčince will certainly appreciate the services available near the buildings to be constructed. Just a 15-minute walk away there is a dam and reservoir, parks, a nursery school, kindergarten and primary school. There is also a post office, pharmacies, shops, a church, cafes and restaurants. It includes a new children’s playground directly in front of the residential unit buildings.