Reinoo completes Poštová office building in Žilina


Reinoo finished construction of its new five-story building at Poštová 1 at the beginning of this year and has received final approval. The new business zone being developed along the street is now receiving its first 11,000 square meters of office space. The Poštová zone spreads into the wider city center, next to the Vlčince neighborhood and is surrounded by greenery.

In addition to office space that can accommodate over 1,000 staff, Poštová also offers 2,350 square meters for retail shops and services for shopping, dining and coffee breaks with friends, colleagues and business partners. An underground parking lot provides 265 spaces for cars and 80 spaces for bicycles.

Both the building’s design and construction are based on the concept of a modern, sustainable and both environmentally and resource friendly building, while creating a healthy and pleasant indoor environment. founder Milan Dubec, who is investing in Reinoo, contributed greatly toward the final appearance of both the new building on Poštová and the entire planned Poštová Zone, firmly adhering to his own vision starting in the designing stage, transforming his vision into the current result.

“Our goal was to build the first Class A office building in Žilina, to be the first in the region to have it completed in compliance with LEED GOLD V4 requirements,” Milan Dubec explains, confirming Reinoo’s commitment to take a responsible approach toward the environment and in environmental solutions, while claiming success in it having done something special for Žilina.

In April, the building was awarded the prestigious VISIO 2020 Award by the Eurostatus Publishing House for the most significant sustainable project in architecture and development for 2018-19.

Poštová 1 offers tenants a modern, ecological, and functional interior. A forced ventilation system combined with heating and cooling of supplied air and of spaces via four-pipe fan coils provides tenants with maximum comfort. Staff members bicycling to work are provided with complete facilities, including suitably situated showers. The large indoor atrium for relaxing, located in the center of the building, features a small lake and fully grown trees to provide a remarkable and exceptional element. Naturally, there are also additional services such as a restaurant, coffee bar and general practitioner´s office.

Currently, more than 80% of the building area has already been rented out. Tenants include a number of important companies such as Slovak Telekom, Ringier Axel Springer and Descartes Systems.

“Currently, we are negotiating the lease of additional administrative and commercial premises,” Dubec adds. “The market response is positive since these premises represent an exceptional and modern space in Žilina.

Reinoo has completed several development projects in Central Slovakia, including the restoration of the historic Bank of Žilina building on Legionárska Street next to the New Synagogue. Construction is currently underway of the Zelené Vlčince residential project with 500 residential units and a smaller office building at Hollého 6 in the center of Žilina. It is continuing development of the Poštová Zone and a permit has already been issued for the construction of a second office building, to create a total 12,500 square meters of leasable space.