New post office for Žilina at Poštová. After many years, postal services are returning to the street named after the post office that used to be there


Slovenská pošta will soon be the new tenant at the Poštová 1 Business Center in Vlčince, one of the buildings in the portfolio of Milan Dubec’s development company, Reinoo.

Reinoo, a development company, owns and administers the Business Center Poštová 1 in Žilina. It has recently signed an agreement with Slovenská Pošta for a post office, an important institution in the city, to be opened in this popular business center.

With an area of 370 square meters, it will be a modern location for comprehensive postal services. The spacious branch post office will once again be providing local customers with more convenient and faster handling of requirements in a pleasant environment. The premises are currently being fitted out and should be ready for occupancy by the end of the summer. The post office itself is scheduled to open for operations in the autumn of this year.

More parking spaces and better convenience

In anticipation of the branch’s arrival, Reinoo is expanding the number of parking spaces directly in front of the building and streamlining its parking policy to enable greater convenience and better accessibility to the post office as well.

Visitors can also visit and take advantage of the other businesses operating at the center. There are now services at Poštová 1 such as a café, pharmacy, bakery, notary, interior studio and a restaurant.

Poštová 1 has built itself a reputation as a popular destination because of its uniqueness, multi-purpose nature and openness to the public. It is the first building to be constructed in the Poštová business zone, which will eventually comprise three buildings and a parking garage. There will be a new green zone and recreation area surrounding the final business complex. Reinoo has already started construction of the second building in the zone, to be called Obchodná 1.