Rubicon Púchov approved for occupancy


On 1 April 2021, Reinoo successfully obtained final occupancy authorization for Rubicon C, whose 44 units spread over eight floors have already been sold out.

The highest, recessed floor consists of two penthouses with spacious terraces and a green roof that does not disturb the view. Rubicon also includes space set aside for public amenities.

The building is located on Dvory Street, right in the very heart of Púchov. The residential block provides ideal conditions for creating a real home, while following up on the existing two buildings in the complex. Units offers modern layout solutions, extra-large balconies, outdoor and indoor parking and also basement garages.

“A lot of energy has been placed in Rubicon, which we firmly believe will transform into an extraordinary living experience,” commented Tomáš Surovčák, Reinoo’s chief design engineer for the project, as he talked about the most anticipated stage on the path to new living, handing over the units to new residents.

Due to the success of the existing Pod Zábrehom I and Rubicon neighborhoods, Reinoo is pressing forward in its development of a new district in Púchov. More than 129 residential units are going to be added with Pod Zábrehom II rising in the immediate vicinity of previous construction.