Zelené Vlčince will be green


Tall sycamore trees 12 meters high will be planted this spring at the new residential complex in Vlčince.

New units are going to be added to the Vlčince block at Žilina, called Zelené Vlčince, and it has been gathering pace at a significant rate. As construction of the second phase continues at a fast pace, the first two residential blocks are awaiting inspection and approval.

The new district has also acquired a new street, Pražská, which connects to Obežná near the gas station. The name itself suggests what the environment should look like. Green roofs and infiltration tanks are part and parcel of the construction, with the main advantage being the tall trees with a height of twelve meters or more.

Planting will begin around the residential units soon after construction work is completed. The developer placed a great deal of emphasis on environmental solutions and green zones to guarantee as many new trees in number as possible.

In order for the environment to be green shortly after completion, trees from a local gardening nursery will be used. Since the sycamore trees are about fifteen years old, the developer has literally bought time by replanting them here.

The Zelené Vlčince apartment complex will be supplemented by dozens of new trees this spring, which will make life more pleasant for local residents.