Zelené Vlčince launches third stage of construction, adding 74 new residential units


Žilina developer Reinoo is continuing construction of Zelené (Green) Vlčince, its largest residential project to date. When construction is completed, Žilina will have an excellent layout of apartments for family living with spaciously large balconies and underground parking.

The first phase of Zelené Vlčince started up in 2019 with the construction of two eight-story apartment buildings with 142 units in total. A year later, the second phase commenced with the developer building a further two residential blocks containing 148 apartments. The construction of the third phase is currently in full swing, with the final apartment block adding 74 units. When the third phase is completed, there will be a total of 364 new residential units in Žilina with 270 garage and 114 above-ground parking spaces.

During construction, Reinoo emphasized environmentally friendly solutions including green zones. Each block has a green roof and mature trees with a minimum height of six meters will be growing around them. Green vegetation roofs provide insulating layers to promote a pleasant microclimate and prevent the building and surrounding area from overheating.

The location also has infiltration tanks and recessed containers. Zelené Vlčince also includes construction of a playground, which has recently begun.

New units are sprouting within walking distance of the Žilina Reservoir and the Chrasť Forest Park. There are many possibilities for leisure close nearby, whether sports, hiking or walking with the family. In addition, there are crèches, kindergartens and primary schools, supermarkets, a customer center, a church, a post office, pharmacies, shops, cafés and restaurants close to the development.

Each of the units has partitions with soundproof reinforced concrete 200 millimeters thick or acoustic bricks 250 millimeters thick. There are also plastic windows furnished with thermal insulation and soundproof triple glazing. Spacious, covered balconies provide plenty of space, each with dimensions of 2 x 3.8 meters. Zelené Vlčince offers two and four-room residential units on the topmost floor with terraces.