Mládežnícka School pupils in Púchov enjoying a new sports facility provided with assistance from Žilina developer Reinoo


The Mládežnícka School’s sports field was reconstructed this past summer. Thanks also go to the City of Púchov, whose cooperation with Rubicon Púchov, a.s., a member of the Reinoo development group from Žilina, led to the successful revitalization of the facility.

Several parts of the sports facility have been restored, including the long-jump track. The current athletic oval has a circumference of 200 meters with three running tracks and each of the three lanes is one meter wide. The surface is tartan, which replaced the original slag.

“The new tartan track is not only functional, but also modern and especially safe for primary school students,” said mayor Katarína Heneková, assessing the facility and noting that emphasis had been placed on creating suitable and long-term sustainable conditions for the development of sports and athletic talent among children and youth.

Tomáš Surovčák, head of the design department at Reinoo added to her comments. “I am very pleased that, as a responsible developer, we have been able to contribute to pupils being able to play sports on a revitalized field. I firmly believe that a new world champion or future Olympian will grow up in Púchov because of our efforts.”

The playground meets specifications for modern sports facilities.

The overall appearance of the sports field was completed with final construction and finishing work, which included a new fence between Rubicon Block C and the school, alongside landscaping and the planting of new trees. It now meets current standards and specifications for sports facilities, including requirements for safety and accessibility.

More than 600 pupils at the Mládežnícka primary school have played sports both during physical education classes and at after school activities on the renovated field since the start of the current school year. The school playground is now closing down for the winter. However, all primary school students can look forward in the spring to beautiful greenery throughout the campus.

In Púchov, Reinoo implemented the first phase, Pod Zábrehom I, in 2017-2019. The neighborhood is named after a location situated at the edge of town. Another successfully completed project that received an occupancy permit this year is Rubicon Block C on Dvory Street.

Reinoo is currently building Pod Zábrehom II, the second phase of its largest residential project. Its intention is to integrate new construction into the existing developmental context, reflecting modern architectural trends and simultaneously respecting the atmosphere of this part of the city.

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