Reinoo offers refugees fleeing Ukraine space for large-capacity registration at no charge


Žilina’s Reinoo company has offered space for constructing a high-capacity registration center for Ukrainian refugees. Two options have been proposed for Žilina and the Ministry of Interior free of charge.

One possibility is the Vural Building, where Camp Žilina is currently located, which can accommodate up to 300 refugees. The other is the Poštová Business Center, where Spilka, a Ukrainian institution helping Ukrainians in Žilina, operates and has collected and is storing aid material.

“We have offered refugees free space in Žilina in Vural or Poštová to open high-capacity registration centers, where mass testing for COVID was previously carried out,” announced company owner Milan Dubec on social networks, highlighting his contribution and mentioning that the space is heated and is ready for them.

Ukrainska Spilka, based at Poštová 1 in Žilina, is lined to Camp Žilina, an initiative of the Milan Dubec Foundation that provides at no charge short and long-term accommodation for people fleeing the war in Ukraine.

It currently distributes humanitarian aid such as clothing, footwear and food to the refugees, while also providing them with information about obtaining refugee status, getting emergency assistance, help finding work, searching for a school and communicating with officials. It also provides medical or psychological assistance and is organizing cultural and leisure activities.

Were the large-capacity registration center to be established in Poštová, following the administrative procedure, refugees would have the opportunity to replenish from the humanitarian warehouse what they were able to take with them. Material aid for the workhouse came from fundraising.