How architecture protecting the environment is created in Žilina


Living and working in harmony with nature is very important. It has an impact on both our daily performance and overall work-life balance. With this in mind, developers are trying to bring environmentally friendly green solutions to our residences and offices, while meeting our growing demands and standards.

This architecture can be also called “green”. It is a construction methodology endeavoring to minimize environmental impacts and be not disturbing, while complementing the surrounding area in the spirit of sustainable development. It is these solutions that are also sought to the greatest degree possible by Reinoo, a company that is constructing an office building at Poštová ulica (street) and the Zelené Vlčince residential units.

Reconstruction of an old office building on Poštová ulica in Žilina’s Vlčince housing estate, which could no longer meet the demand for modern, “green” office space, is expected to be completed in March 2019. It is being completely renovated in compliance with Leadership in Energy and Environment and Design with the aim of LEED GOLD certification. The building itself will meet strict energy standards to reach the A1 level of energy efficiency.

In addition to internal green solutions, the neighborhood itself has not been left behind and the building is being constructed sensitively to fit into the local ecosystem. State-of-the-art draining wells and oil traps capable of capturing up to 300 cubic meters of rainwater have been installed under the new parking area. This water will not be flowing into the local sewer system and away from the local environment, but rather it remains in place to be dried or drained internally to fulfill its natural ecological functions.

The water naturally returns to the soil or can then be used for other purposes, such as for trees. There will be at least 60 of them planted to become part of a local park for Žilina residents to enjoy. These are large trees aged 9-11 years with a trunk girth of around 25-35 centimeters. Trees and greenery are critical as they play no small role in creating high-quality living space.

The landscape was designed by Ing. Richard Fabrici, a garden and landscape architect who knows that foliage is calming, brings balance and provides relief for the eyes. The front of the building will have a revitalized park with trails that have been repaired and benches to become an important place where - we hope - it will thrive such as through community picnics.

The architecture is closely linked to the natural environment, something several research studies suggest is very significant. Nonetheless, green areas can become literally a part of the architecture. Recent years have seen green roofs, in particular, gaining popularity, reviving a building and making its interior more comfortable. A similar approach has been taken by Reinoo in Zelené (Green) Vlčince, its largest ever residential project.

As the name itself says, much emphasis was placed on incorporating green solutions and greenery in developing the project. Near the residential units there will be a superior level park with growing trees reaching a height of six meters. There will be green roofs with vegetation that require no maintenance.

The vegetation layer acts favorably to create a microclimate around the building to make up for any built-up foliage and very effectively protects the unit from temperature fluctuations during the day, increasing living comfort as it reduces heating costs. Installed rainwater draining systems naturally put water back into the soil instead of diverting it into the sewer system, while saving future owners cash that would otherwise be spent on sewer fees.

Of course, when two people do the same thing, the results may not necessarily be equal. This adage similarly applies to developers, as not all of them employ green solutions. Reinoo strives here to be socially responsible and therefore it consults all its environmental aims with the Združenie domových samospráv (Association of Neighborhood Residences) and its chairman, Mr. Slávik, who has many years of experience in this area and is representing local residents.

Together with their experts, the association has been assisting in the development of environmental measures at a level exemplary even on a European scale, and we believe that Zelené Vlčince will bring a new level of quality and a standard of living Žilina residents certainly deserve. We are creating homes for Žilina residents, which create both a wonderful place to live and an example for others.

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