Siemens Mobility growing fast in Žilina and soon to be moving to new space in Obchodná


Siemens Mobility’s engineering center employs more than 500 specialists in railway signaling and electrification. This year it is expanding and plans to create 150 new jobs.

Siemens Mobility’s engineering center employs more than 500 specialists in railway signaling and electrification. This year it is expanding and plans to create 150 new jobs.

Siemens Mobility has committed itself to moving into the new office building at Obchodná 1, having inked a final lease agreement with Reinoo. The entire Žilina engineering center including its laboratories will be moving into the modern building at latest by autumn 2023.

The center is currently located at J.M. Hurbana 21, where it has been housed since 2010, but there is no longer enough room. At Obchodná 1, Siemens Mobility will have four floors available with total rented space of about 7,000 square meters.

Some of this area will be readied to accommodate the laboratory, which requires specially adapted space. It tests the railway infrastructure hardware and software the Žilina center configures. The company anticipates soon the delivery of new equipment that will further enhance the laboratory’s state-of-the-art technology for international projects.

“We are extremely pleased to be offering our staff a more state-of-the-art working environment in a building with ergonomic workplaces at our disposal, as here at Siemens we put a lot of emphasis on the wellbeing of our employees,” responded Rastislav Kušpál, head of the engineering center at Siemens Mobility, s.r.o. “They will be able to take a break not only in the building’s relaxation zones, but also on the green roof with its panoramic view.”

Over the past years, the Žilina engineering center has become an integral part of the development ecosystem at Siemens Mobility globally, while providing a high level of performance quality. Most valued are staff, who are very experienced, professional and set a high standard for themselves in the quality of their work, something very important in railway technology.

“Our technologies keep railways safe and protect human lives!” stressed Branislav Voška, Managing Director of Siemens Mobility, s. r. o., with Kušpál communicating that the decision to move had been unequivocal and they were committed to it, adding: “There has been clear evidence for some time of a long-term interest to develop activities in this area, and I believe that the new building will provide our employees with ideal facilities for both working and resting.”

The newly-constructed eight-story office building reflects an innovative concept in high-standard office and retail space. It will also include underground parking. The dominant feature will be a rooftop leisure area with an incredible panoramic view along with offering a place to relax and for organizing various events.

Landscaping around the building consists of close-to-nature vegetation and pedestrian walkways made of natural materials and complemented by minor architectural elements. An objective in constructing Obchodná 1 is to obtain prestigious LEED PLATINUM and WELL PLATINUM certification.

“All of us are delighted about the confidence Siemens Mobility has expressed and consider it a confirmation that the construction of high-quality, sustainable buildings are the future of real estate development,” said Milan Dubec, Reinoo’s CEO. In addition to them recognizing the building’s modern architecture and technological solutions, he was also glad of Siemens Mobility’s appreciation of the greenery and public spaces in the design. “Their decision highlights the importance of building quality offices for the city of Žilina, as they provide space for jobs in the value-added sector.”